Testimonial from Lenny

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Testimonial by Lenny

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Hi Nick,

As you know my aunt, Yolanda, passed away at NUMC early Sunday morning.

On behalf of Yolanda’s family, I wanted to thank you, your staff and the entire team at the Bristal for making her last 5 years as comfortable as could be as she began to fade. Prior to putting her at the Bristal, my cousin and 1 looked at a number of homes on Long Island. We felt that the Bristal was the cleanest and most “user friendly” of the ones we visited. And I still think we were right.

It’s clear that the staff cares. That level of care comes from the leadership. Anyone who’s ever been involved with, or has ever run a business knows the importance of leadership in setting the tone for beliefs and corporate values. It’s clear that you provide your team with that leadership. With the cost of elder care rising along with the competition it’s very important to provide quality and value to your consumer.

Once again, our thanks.

Please feel free to pass my words and thanks on to your staff and your management.



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