Testimonial from Judi Talit

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Testimonial by Judi Talit (Ellie Adler’s daughter)

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To the loving staff of Reflections—

You are all so dear to me. When I come into the unit feeling alone and sad, you are there to welcome me with your love. When I have an exceptionally difficult visit with Mom, your arms are open to offer a hug. Always, I feel your support. I get to see how sweet and gentle you are, how respectful of the residents you are regardless of your own exhaustion and personal lives. You are a role model for others who do this challenging work. You deserve to be appreciated for all that you do for the residents and their families.

I appreciate you all.

I will never ever forget all you have done for my mother and for my family.

With love, appreciation and a big hug,

Judi Talit (Ellie Adler’s daughter)

Staff Appreciation Week

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