Testimonial from Joanne Herrygers

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Testimonial by Joanne Herrygers

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June 26, 2013

Dear Ms. Carapolli.

I am writing to tell you about your exceptional employee, Susan Murphy. My mother lives in The Bristal in East Northport. Mom and I have witnessed firsthand Susan’s professionalism and kindness.

Susan served our meal twice when Mom and I dined in the guest dining room with family. Susan did more than just “serve”; she treated us as if we were family visiting her home for lunch. She cared about our enjoyment and did everything possible to make it a pleasant lunch. She chatted with us and helped us select dishes we would like. She even made us custom sundaes for dessert!

Watching Susan interact with Mom brought tears to my eyes. She knew Mom’s preferences. It was evident that she cared about Mom and the other residents. Her integrity was also evident in that she refused to accept a substantial tip.

Mom often tells me how kind Susan is to residents who may be unhappy or angry. Susan apparently is skilled at diffusing conflicts and encouraging smiles.

I hope that this letter will communicate to you, her employer, what a treasure Susan is and how much Mom and I appreciate her.

Yours truly,

Joanne Herrygers

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