Testimonial from Jeffrey Silberfeld

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Testimonial by Jeffrey Silberfeld

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January 7, 2008

Dear Lara:

I’m writing to thank you, Vera, Alison, and the entire staff at the Bristal for the wonderful care you provided my mother Florence during the nearly seven years that she lived there and especially during these last few months. Everyone who cared for my mother was very attentive to her needs, responsive, compassionate, and always willing to do whatever had to be done to provide for her comfort and well being. 1 was extremely pleased that she was able to remain in her apartment at the Bristal after she became a hospice patient, not only because the surroundings were familiar to her but also because she knew and liked the Bristal staff members who constantly dropped by to see how she was doing. And it was very nice for me to hear all of the wonderful things the staff members said about her. You and your staff were a great comfort not only to my mother but also to our entire family during this very difficult period.


Jeffrey Silberfeld

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