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Dear Melanie,

Here I am 86 years old living my final years in the Bristal Assisted Living in Sayville. From the time that you walk in, you are impressed with the beauty of the new facility. It is a place dedicated to the elderly, those who require daily assistance, and those seeking companionship after the loss of their spouses and loved ones.

The clients both male and female are those of ages 70 and above. There is more to the Bristal that is not measured in just brick and mortar, that is, the new building etc.

The employees provide the residents of the Bristal with compassion, love, and dedication in their required task. This didn’t just happen, it took management expertise, training, and all of the little things that make the Bristal a well-run organization. Each and every employee calls each of the 100+ residents by their first names. This creates a home-like atmosphere because in effect, this is our home. I am especially interested in the organization’s no tipping policy. All duties performed by every department enhances the quality of life for Bristal residents. It is here that I wish to express my gratitude toward the Bristal and its staff.

My inspiration to write this derived from a creative writing group run by Brittany in the recreation department. In this group I was inspired and encourages to reflect upon my significant life experiences. Together, we discussed a synopsis that I had written approximately 3 years ago., I haven’t touched the synopsis in years, but I dug it out and asked Brittany to read it. From there Brittany and I have devoted weeks into writing, adding, and editing the content of my synopsis into a book to which I hope to one day publish. There will be a special chapter within this book that will be dedicated to the influence of this writing group and the Bristal.

At the Bristal the amenities are numerous, starting with your first impression.

The receptionist, Geri greets friends and relatives with a friendly hello, and provides visitors with help and assistance in contacting their loved ones. As you travel through the building and become acquainted with the various departments, you realize that your loved ones will be kept safe, well fed, and busy through their daily programs. The Bistro is one of my favorite rooms in the Bristal, it’s always full of activity. It has 24 hour refreshments, TV, entertainment, beautiful upholstery, and many activities that take place here. It is here where I jot down most of my thoughts regarding my experiences. My thoughts regarding the staff here are as follows.

Jim and Frank, of the maintenance department, are always available and reactive to each resident’s needs. They’re a Great Duo! Alicia and the Housekeeping department provide all of our housekeeping services and keep the community looking spotless. The stylists in the hair salon keep everyone looking their best. Rob and Mike, whip provide us residents with physical and occupational therapy, perform mini miracles amongst the residents here. I myself have witnessed residents in wheelchairs graduate to walkers with their assistance. The wellness aides are wonderful, they treat the residents with care and compassion. However, it appears that organization between the confines of the office need improvement regarding doctor’s visits, schedules, and coordination between the doctor and residents.

The dining room with table cloths and silver cutlery is a beautiful sight. The wait staff provide uniformed services. The food prepared by Nadine in the kitchen and her accomplice Kristen in the dining room, are a winning team! Breakfast is what you order, lunch and dinner provide a variety of entrees, both hot and cold. No one goes hungry at the Bristal.

I am always impressed by the recreation department, Andrea, Brittany, Allie, Erika, Jade, Tori, and Crystal are extremely well organized. Activities are ongoing 7 days a week for the residents of the assisted living and reflections communities. Residents are kept busy from the moment we wake up, with the fitness classes following breakfast, and educational programs that are engaging and inviting. Bingo, educational classes, the arts, creative writing, choir groups, poetry, and physical activity are all designed to meet the interests of the residents. These girls are understanding of the special needs of each resident. Recently I witnessed Tori help a resident in distress find their way, and I knew that this is a department that I myself can turn to in a time of need.

The performance of the Bristal is ongoing, it gets better every day, as new people are added they are trained and indoctrinated in the Bristal way.

George Keckeisen

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