Testimonial from Fred Bleier

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Testimonial by Fred Bleier

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May 6, 2012

To Whom It May Concern,

I am sending this letter to convey my appreciation for the exceptional services provided to my parents by the staff at The Bristal in East Meadow.

They had lived in their own house in East Meadow for 64 years. were quite self sufficient, including cooking, cleaning, lawn mowing, etc. In the past several months they realized they needed a bit of assistance to be safe and comfortable, physically and emotionally. They asked me to find an assisted living facility in the community they know so well. I visited a couple of establishments and returned with them to The Bristal. That visit was coordinated by Suzanne Ryan, who won them over with her warmth and sincerity. We were invited to lunch and the staff was delightful.

My parents moved in April 2nd. The transition was difficult for them. They are 92 and 93 years old, alert, quite proud and set in their ways. They were and are homesick, but each day they seem to be acclimating to their new life.

I am extremely pleased with the attentive care and understanding my parents have received. I am equally warmed by the way your staff has allowed them to maintain their independence and dignity while attending to their every need.

Although I am reluctant to single out individuals when there has been such a fine team effort, I feel compelled to mention Suzanne Ryan, who has responded to a number of small and not so small requests I have made. She also offered tremendous moral support to me when my parents were having a difficult first week. Vera watched over my father when he was ill early on. and kept me in the loop. My mother thinks the world of Lidia, who is the only person I’ve met who could “tidy up” to meet my mother’s standards Janice is a pleasure to speak with when I first come in the door. My father has found tremendous relief as a result of his physical therapy as provided at The Bristal.

Once again. I commend and thank you for your combined efforts. These are the only parents I have and it is comforting to know they are in such good hands.


Fred Bleier

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