Testimonial from Florence Salomon

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Testimonial by Beth Bernibawn and the family of Florence Salomon

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Dear “Reflections” Staff,

It’s not easy getting old and neither is it easy to successfully care for the elderly. My mother has had the privilege to have spent the last few years in “Reflections” with a wonderful staff. All of you have contributed to Mom’s happiness, health and beauty!

Her family has always felt comfortable and welcome when coming to visit. It is with great difficulty and a heavy heart that our relationship to your facility must change as mom’s health has caused us to move her to a “nursing” environment.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for all of you who work so hard every day and thru the night to give your residents the dignity that all deserve in their later years. Especially, we thank you for the patience needed to care for those who are unfortunate to have their memories erode and their personalities altered. You are all angels to us.

We will try to keep in touch. Good luck and good health to all of you.

Love, XO

Beth Bernibawn and the family of Florence Salomon

P.S. Mom would thank you so much as well.

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