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It’s been 4 days since Mom moved in:

The facility is gorgeous! Whenever I walk in the first word that comes to mind is “sunshine!”

Mom’s room, even though it’s the smallest, is clean and new and will work out great for her.

The food must be good because my mom isn’t complaining! I say this because it’s a night and day contrast to what she was experiencing in rehab. She needs to eat to regain her strength, so I am happy she is enjoying the meals.

The entire team at The Bristal Sayville made Mom feel welcome from Day 1, as did several residents- some of who live on the same floor as Mom- they promised me they would come by and they did- on the first day. Amazing! The residents all seem pretty happy and content, which gives me comfort too!

Mom is a level 6 care and so she still needs a lot of help to get her more independent. I am overly concerned and tend to call often, but the Wellness Team is patient/understanding and always happy to answer my questions.

I don’t know everyone who cares for mom but want to thank a few people already:

1. Leigh in maintenance- he has helped out with a few things since Mom moved in. Super kind and attentive.
2. Linda- she’s my go to RN, period!
3. Sarah- my other go to RN!
4. Geri- I once called her multiple times in a few hours and her response to me was the same: Bright, friendly and helpful. Thanks Geri!
5. Isaiah- dining room- he knows the residents by name and is super friendly and attentive. He knew mom’s name on day 1!
6. Rocco- front desk- mom had to go to the ER on Saturday night (May 12) and we didn’t get back to the Bristal till 4 AM on Sunday (Mother’s Day). I called Rocco and asked him if he could get mom’s wheelchair and bring it into the lobby. He may say he is just doing his job but to me, it was a reminder of the above and beyond attitude/commitment of everyone at The Bristal Sayville to their residents.

I know there will be other people to recognize but right now these are my standouts for the first few days.

While Mom has a very hard time with her recovery and multiple moves since her accident in February, I have hope that by God’s Grace and through The Bristal, mom will her get back to her old self. I saw a spark of light yesterday on Mother’s Day. She laughed more than she has in months. I pray positive changes continue for her.

Thanks again to you and The Bristal Sayville Family for making Mom feel so welcome. Take good care of her while I am in Colorado. She is my precious cargo!


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