Testimonial from Cheryl Auerbach

Posted by: The Bristal

From: Cheryl Auerbach
Date: August 1, 2018
To: Tiffany Nelson
Subject: Michael Auerbach – Apt. 2

Testimonial from Cheryl Auerbach

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Hi, Tiffany

I just wanted to let you know how happy Mike and I are that Alda is the new Director of Recreation. We were concerned when we heard Michelle was assuming a new position, since we both liked (and, of course, continue to like) her. Alda has continued the excellent program Mike has enjoyed since moving to The Bristal and has added some new entertainment options that we’ve both found enjoyable. Also, her ability to immediately step into unplanned situations where she has to ad lib is truly amazing. This happened when she first started and wasn’t supplied with the equipment necessary to conduct the activity that was planned. No problem for Alda. She just created another activity out of thin air, which we found just as enjoyable as what was originally scheduled. Two days ago, a similar situation presented itself. I wasn’t there on this occasion, but Mike made a point of calling to tell me that he really enjoyed himself at a story-telling event he was fortunate to participate in. This came about after Cristina (whom we also like) was called away on an emergency.

Part of the success of Alda, we realize, is due to your judgment in interviewing and hiring new people. Our thanks extend to you in this regard for your excellent choice. I continue to be grateful to you and your staff for making Mike’s life the best it can be. He wakes up each morning with enthusiasm as he looks forward to the events of the day at The Bristal, starting with breakfast. And if he finishes the day with rack of lamb, well, that’s heaven!

Kind regards,


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