Testimonial from Catherine M. Handy

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Testimonial by Catherine M. Handy, Ph.D., RN

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February 27, 2012

Dear Judy,

When my sisters and I realized that my mother, Dorothy Handy, was finding it increasingly difficult to stay in her own home safely, we broached the idea of assisted living to her. She was initially very reluctant to consider that option, but as time went on it became harder for her to be alone. We contacted Tracey Kuczinski who met with my mother and introduced us to the Bristal. My mother agreed that assisted living was the best option for her and we began to consider places.

From the very beginning we were impressed with the Bristal of Massapequa. This was in large part due to you. You understood our anxieties and answered all of our questions in a professional manner. I did not get a sense that you were selling us a product but that you were sharing your pride in a superior facility. I watched you interact with other residents and was immediately taken with how honestly happy you were to see each person, and how happy they were to see you. This went a long way in easing any qualms I had about assisted living. When we brought my mother to tour the Bristal of Massapequa she was frightened but you immediately put her at ease. You noticed that she was getting tired during the lour and rushed to get a wheelchair. You answered all of our questions and concerns.

We decided to move my mother to the Bristal. You were always available and smoothed the process for us. You made it easier for ail of us. I sleep easier knowing that my mother is at the Bristal. You are a big part of this. Thank you for all you have done to make this process easier for all of us.

Yours truly,

Catherine M. Handy, Ph.D., RN

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