Testimonial from Blossom Grimm Silverstein

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Testimonial by Blossom Grimm Silverstein

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I would like to bring to your attention a compliment, not a complaint. Usually when a letter is written to the Executive Director, it is not nice, but I feel that there are certain employees that you should be aware of.

First of all, with out Al Spisito and his staff, I would be sitting here and crying. The assistance in all instances, particularly one, that come from Environmental Services (that is Al and his staff) with my new TV and DVD player and the problems I had, (someone did half the job and left me hanging- and did not come back to finish the work required) I do not know what I would have done to get the job finished. These things mean a lot to me and the caring and concern from Al and Staff were just the utmost in caring.

I cannot begin to thank them, so I felt that you as director should be aware not of only complaints but good stuff as well. They are just super and caring.

As to Housekeeping with Josephine (who is just priceless) and Anne and her staff (recreation (they keep my day full, excited and stimulating (all of the gals, particularly with “Kings in the Corner” and “Black Jack”, and Howard with services on Friday and the other programs he runs as well.

I know that the front desk is run very well, and that with Tracy, Susan, Paul and Rob this is a wonderful place to live and that I am very happy and most of all cause they show my room and I hope that brings in prespective Residents. Again my hat is off to Al. But most of all to you!!!!

Also Kim, Yvette and Paul and Susan Mucci

All the aids and complete staff

Blossom Grimm Silverstein

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