Testimonial from Blossom Grimm – Holiday Party

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Testimonial by Blossom Grimm

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Holiday Party

What a holiday party we had. Since I have been living at the Bristal in Westbury, I have found a new and wonderful life. Nick our director sure knows how to run an Assisted Living, the likes of which I have never seen before. But our Holiday Party really topped the cake. I had such a wonderful time, that I am almost speechless, which doesn’t happen too often. Blossom (that is me) likes to speak up, both positive and negative when necessary, but this party was by far the best.

When I spoke with Nick, I asked how they the Bristal staff got everything done so fast and so efficient to give us the greatest time. Us being – the residents, our family and other guests. I asked Nick how he does it, and he answered WE WORK AS A TEAM. Yvette, our AA, who looked as gorgeous as ever, was just every where doing everything, Susan in Marketing, well I hardly saw her all day as well. It seemed every one was always doing something. The last time I saw Tracy, she was moving tables and chairs. Kim was so busy, she was all over the place doing something. Colleen from reflections was moving tables, and putting up decorations and going from one thing to another.

Ann from recreation and Carol and Elizabeth, well they beat the band, blowing up probably 500 balloons and a couple of residents pitched in and placed them where we were told to put them, plus Ann was adding decorations to various parts of the building adding festivity to the party, and I saw Elizabeth helping watch after the residents, and Carol was right there with Anne, working as a team, Josephine from Housekeeping and Al from maintenance and their teams were moving furniture and it seemed like 1,2,3, all was ready.

But most of all with out Paul the Chef and his staff and Handsome Rob, (later in his Tux), were getting the FOOD and drinks ready for the guests.

It seemed like every one was WORKING AS A TEAM, and they were.

The music was awesome and I had the greatest time of my life. I am grateful to be a part of the Bristal at Westbury and Nick knows I would go to the ends of the earth for this place (my home).
For all those who didn’t and couldn’t come, make sure you make it next time cause Nick knows how to throw a party and MAN WHAT A STAFF HE HAS.

Blossom Grimm


P.S. Lets not forget all the employees who helped make this party so successful – they are all great

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