Testimonial from Arlene

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Testimonial by Arlene

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November 17, 2011

To the wonderful and caring Bristal staff,

Although Steve and I were unable to attend the “Connie Francis” afternoon spectacular, we would like to thank you for going that ‘extra mile’ and making our Mom, Charlotte, feel so very special!

Mom and Ernie have been very dear friends for over 50 years, and Steve and I know how much this day meant to Mom. The flowers you gave to her were sooo beautiful too!

You made a special lady, up there in her years, feel extra special!

May your thoughtfulness find its way back to you. Connie told me how gracious the staff was to her, and for that a very special thank you!

We will always remember your kindness, your thoughtfulness and consideration!

Last night on the phone, Mom said to me, “Arl, I think I’m a star here.” I told her, “Mom, you’re always a star with us!!”

Thank you for everything!


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