Testimonial from Ann Axelrod

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Testimonial by Ann R. Axelrod

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June 23, 2008

Dear Winsome,

I hope that you will share this note with the entire staff of the Bristal (on “both” sides) as I express my thanks for the extraordinary life you made for my mother. Doris Zomberg, for the past four years.

From the moment we met Linda Solomon in North Woodmere, we were impressed with the professionalism, care and excellent standard of living that you provide for all the residents. Mom’s time at North Woodmere was extremely happy as she made dear friends with her tablemates and was able to participate in most activities.

When she moved to North Hills as a “founding resident,” her experience there was equally rich. (In the first weeks, we used to joke that we were dropping Mom off at her “mansion.”) And even as she began to decline mentally and physically, the entire staff (and Wellness in particular) treated us with the highest degree of sensitivity as we made the difficult decision to transition Mom to Reflections.

The Reflections Staff amazed us the most with their unending patience, care and love for their special residents. You often hear about the “unsung heroes” of the caregiver universe, and in my mind, each and every aide and support staff of the unit deserves the highest praise.

There was not one single day that I did not see respect, dignity and good humor being shown to the residents, regardless of the level of their capabilities. Not only does the staff bring stimulation, laugher and care to the residents, they also provide invaluable support and peace of mind to their families.

As one who watched the steady decline of a loved one. I was always grateful for the staff who was always there to soothe my anguish and provide an upbeat report of Mom’s activities. And when Mom’s final moments came, they were all there to visit, say their loving good-byes and give support to my family and me.

Please know that you and the staff will always hold a special place in our hearts that is filled with gratitude and appreciation for all the good work that you do.

With love,

Ann R. Axelrod

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