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Dear George,

On behalf of the residents who attended, I commend and thank all of those who made “Passover with Rabbi Strom” a most meaningful and informative experience. Stephanie deserves the credit for arranging it, as per the Bristal way of honoring all religions.

Armonk Passover Testimonial

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The room, set up so beautifully by Stephanie and Helen, truly reflected a family attending a Passover Seder (ritual meal) together.

Shawn outdid himself by preparing the traditional foods and prepping the plates according to the Rabbi’s request. No easy task for one unfamiliar with them.

The highest praise and gratitude must go to the dining room wait staff and the kitchen crew. They not only served all of the first seating, but accommodated twenty five additional residents not seated at their usual tables. No small feat and they did it in one hour!

The activities staff and the aides pitched in, helped where needed, and took everyone to where they wanted to be. Thank you and all the employees, who make living at The Bristal in Armonk such a pleasant experience each and every day.


Faith Radler, President

Resident Council

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