Staying Active at Assisted Living

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Dear Maryellen,

With mom 86, and dad recently gone, is Assisted Living a good choice to help mom stay active? -Diana, Manhattan, NY

Dear Diana,

The first thing you’ll want to do is to give your mother the time she needs to fully and sufficiently grieve. Your family shouldn’t make any major decisions during this critical period. And even after that vital time has passed, it’s difficult to suggest with certainty what might be best for her, because there are no cookie-cutter solutions.

However, that said, I can tell you why I personally prefer the Assisted Living approach. Assisted Living allows your mom to feel that she is part of a close-knit community, without feeling that she has given up her much-needed independence. Once she’s there, she will see that many others have experienced a similar loss, and this ability to relate will help her open up and make new friends – friends that will keep her active and engaged.

Assisted Living is a dynamic social environment as much as it is a caring one. Yes, it is a shared experience, but individual apartments offer residents privacy even in the midst of a vibrant community. There is restaurant-style dining, daily activities, hair salons and more, and each day is filled with engaging events that draw residents out of their apartments: workshops, talks, crafts, hobbies, and, more importantly, friends. This lifestyle option may just be exactly what she needs.

Maryellen McKeon

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