Signs Your Parent Needs More Help

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Dear Maryellen,

When do we know it’s time to consider a change for our mother? – Jen, Hewlett, NY

Dear Jen,

As an adult child, the first thing you look for are subtle changes in mood, surroundings and behavior. Perhaps your mom is not taking her meds properly. Dad is having difficulty getting around. Bills are piling up, forgotten or ignored. Interest in life issues begins to wane. Your loved one no longer leaves the house, so she really isn’t socializing anymore. They spend hours glued to the TV, dosing to the point where they can’t sleep at night. These are all telltale signs of a growing sadness and isolation. She may need more hands-on care, in a setting where she can stay active.

The great thing about Assisted Living is that residents can still enjoy their independence within the privacy of their own apartments, but the difference is they must share meals within a group setting. This means they have to come out, stay active, interact and socialize with others – all of which helps to keep them well… healthy, sharp and happy.

Maryellen McKeon

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