Productive Inspiration: What the World Needs Now!

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As times grow increasingly challenging, and as a 24-hour cable news cycle fills the airwaves non-stop with often less-than-encouraging reports, it can all become rather overwhelming for us mere mortals to quite literally keep our chins up. And if it is difficult for us to keep our spirits up, imagine how much more demanding it becomes for seniors facing the same. What the world needs is a little inspiration, and we can find it in completing simple tasks everyday or by finally jumpstarting that personal goal.

How can we inspire ourselves to be more productive despite the exhausting realities we face each day?

Here are a couple of steps I recently came across in an article in Senior Living magazine online that might lead us in the right direction.

Step One: Inspire Yourself by Refocusing on Positive Outcomes
Much of our success in life is determined by our daily habits. If we can get into the habit of visualizing positive outcomes rather than focusing on excuses that stall progress before it happens, we’ll achieve more positive outcomes in the things we endeavor to do. Every task or goal in life — or on any given day — easily comes with as many excuses NOT to attempt them. However, if we can identify those excuses, then choose to ignore them to focus on the sense of satisfaction we’d feel if we’d only get the job done, we’d be surprised at how energized we can become by performing that simple shift in inner vision.

Step Two: Remove the Obstacles
If we can retrain ourselves to side step or remove the negative hurdles before us — many of which, by the way, we often place there ourselves — the space, breathing room, and sudden freedom that is naturally generated will, in and of itself, be inspiring to us. Then it’s just a matter of bending that energy toward accomplishing the goal at hand.

Seems deceptively simple, right? Most answers in life are. Here’s the trick: Simple solutions aren’t always apparent to us in the heat of the moment. It takes practice to think positively enough to see beyond the obstacle to the light of a goal accomplished. And in reality, all it took was a slight tilt of the prism in our mind’s eye to inspire ourselves — to see a whole new spectrum of bright, colorful, and before-then unforeseen possibilities.

Now, what do you do now with all that pent up inspiration…?

Easy. Go forth and take action.

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