Pet Companions for Seniors

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Pet Companions For Seniors

Often times, seniors become depressed when facing a major change in life, the loss of a loved one or the physical changes that come with aging. Bringing a furry friend into the home could be the answer. Pet owners would agree animals ease loneliness, reduce stress, and provide unconditional love & affection. In addition, studies also show playing with animals has physical benefits. It keeps blood pressure in check, helps lower cholesterol & reduces stress.

The next step is finding the right fit. Reader’s Digest suggest these tips for choosing a new pet:

• Take a look at your family’s lifestyle.

• Determine how much time you have to spend with a pet.

• Check your budget to ensure a pet is affordable.

• Hire a professional pet sitter.

• When in doubt, ask a pro. Professional pet sitter’s familiarity with their clients’ pets and families make them well-suited to offer advice on decisions such as bringing a new pet into the home.

Your local shelter is the perfect place to find dogs and cats of every type, size, age and personality. Pioneers for Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) has a wonderful program called Seniors for Seniors that tries to place senior animals who have lost their home due to the death or disability of their guardian with senior citizens. It sounds like a great place to start.

Good luck on your search and enjoy your new companion.

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