Office Exercise: Add More Activity to Your Workday

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Exercise at the OfficeIf you’re still working part- or full-time you might be struggling to fit exercise into your already busy schedule. Besides making time to work out before or after work and tackling more physical activity on your off days, there are other ways to nab more physical fitness—even throughout your workday.

Get More Exercise During Your Workday

• Always take the stairs instead of the elevator.

• Take a walk or hit the gym during your lunch break. Try to get a co-worker buddy to engage with you to keep you on track.

• Instead of picking up the phone or sending in-office email, walk down the hall and talk with a colleague in person.

• Park farther away from your office and enjoy the walk in, or better yet, bike to work.

• Join your company’s fitness center or take advantage of a discount gym membership if they offer one.

• Sit on an exercise ball at your desk for core strengthening.

• Try a standing desk or a treadmill desk if possible.

• Take advantage of break times by strolling around the building or stretching in your office rather than getting a snack or gossiping with co-workers.

• Schedule walking meetings with colleagues or clients to brainstorm and problem solve while fitting in fitness.

• If you travel for work, be sure to book facilities with fitness centers and carry resistance bands and other DIY fitness gadgets to use in your room.

• Schedule a yoga class or other fitness pursuits one night a week for interested colleagues after work.

• Change into workout clothes at the office to ensure you’ll stop off at the gym on the way home.

Take a Fitness Meeting

Most meetings encompass a group of colleagues sitting around a large table chatting, often with a box of doughnuts on the table. But why not incorporate activity into your work meetings?

• Ask people to stand or come to the front when speaking.

• Schedule breaks in long meetings for stretching and moving about.

• Have a fitness enthusiast colleague lead break sessions for stretching or yoga moves.

• Hold meetings outdoors where people can walk the grounds.

• Let people know it will be an active meeting so they can wear the proper shoes, then schedule meetings at a walking labyrinth or maze, a local school track, even a hiking trail.

Support Employees’ Physical Activity Goals

It’s easy for management to support the physical activity goals of its employees by encouraging their fitness, incorporating opportunities for activities and events, and holding meetings that encompass activity.

• Management should attend physical activity events.

• Congratulate employees in internal communications or at meetings on their fitness accomplishments.

• Invite local fitness experts to hold seminars or activity workshops like a yoga lunch or a group bike ride.

• Pair up with community fitness events, like a charity walk.

• Schedule physical parties like softball games, bowling nights and other active celebrations.

• Provide bike racks.

• Encourage fitness challenges that employees can sign up for.

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