Assisted Living: An Option for Married Couples

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Dear Maryellen,

My parents were in a very bad car accident and their healing/ needs are different. At this point, dad has returned home, but has no car, and now requires a walker. Mom is due to be discharged soon from the nursing rehabilitation facility, but with her broken leg still requires a wheelchair. I am considering a Bristal Assisted Living environment as the next step for mom, though she still requires continued physical and occupational therapy, wants to return to her independent status, but with the wheelchair, has limitations.

I suspect that it is unlikely that they will ever resume their “old life” and may in the future choose either some kind of senior housing or Assisted Living as a couple. Dad may also require more assistance than he cares to admit. Both also have health issues (in their mid-upper 70’s). Given the changing needs, how can The Bristal help accommodate my parents, especially mom right now?, OR would another type of care be appropriate? Also, is respite care an option, and how might that differ from renting at an assisted living facility? (I am hoping that mom will love it, and when dad visits, he will also see the happiness among residents and activities to partake in, and might then agree to move out of their multi-level home, and perhaps buy a unit together.) Also, dad is a Veteran but mom is not. Would she possibly be eligible for some kind of discount by herself? -Linda

Dear Linda,

I am sorry to hear about your parents car accident, but I’m glad they are healing. This may be the perfect time for your parents to try assisted living. Depending on the communities’ availability, yes, you can come for respite care (30 day minimum).

If you contact any of our communities you can arrange for a tour and if you are interested we would send one of our nurses to do a medical assessment. Based on that assessment and feedback from your parents physician our staff can give you all the information with regard to a care plan for Mom.

Dad may want to share the apartment with Mom while she recovers and having someone to do cooking, cleaning and laundry will allow Dad to find some peace during this stressful time. There are many activities available both in and outside the community. Our apartments are rentals and no purchase is required.

Many of our residents enjoy Veterans benefits and we do recommend attorneys who will help you complete the application free of charge. I think you will find our team of professionals very helpful and I would recommend you call the community you are interested in for assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of any help or visit

Maryellen McKeon

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