Monthly Cost at Assisted Living Community

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Dear Maryellen,

What would be the complete monthly cost of an apartment in an assisted living community? Is The Bristal offering the apartments for rent or an outright purchase? This is for my 76 yr old mother who lives in her home in Queens. -Ellington

Dear Maryellen,

Finding the Assisted Living community is much like looking for a good hotel for vacation. You need to do your homework. In most communities location and type of apartment as well as care needed factor in determining the price. Most licensed communities accept Long Term Insurance and Veterans Benefits which can be most helpful in determining which community is best for your Mom. There are also communities who will accept SSI payments for those who do not have the means to pay privately. Most assisted living communities are rented on a monthly basis, however there are some CCRCs where you purchase the apartment amd pay a monthly maintenance. If you find a community you are interested in, make an appointment, visit the community and discuss what Mom’s needs are. They will be able to show you available apartments and give you the rate. Depending on the community, rates can range from medicaid rates (no cost to Mom) to private pay communities which vary depending on the type of apartment such as shared, studio, one or two bedroom, as well as location of community and care needed. You can get a list of Assisted Living Communities from your local Office of the Aging or by doing a internet search by typing in Assisted Living. You can also visit to learn the costs of apartment rental at one of our 7 Bristal communities on Long Island.

Maryellen McKeon

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