Is Assisted Living the Right Fit?

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Dear Maryellen,

I just wanted to preface my inquiry by saying what a lovely picture of you on the blog homepage! But down to business…my 83 year old uncle has become frail, forgetful and, sometimes, downright mean. My family and I simply cannot handle him any longer. He needs not only physical, but psychiatric care. Would the Bristal Assisted Living communities be an ideal choice for my ailing uncle? P.S. He refuses to move anywhere where he cannot watch his weekly episodes of TLC’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”. Thanks so much for your help. -Jennifer Granger

Dear Jennifer,

Don’t give up on your Uncle. Getting older is tough and everyone reacts differently. First, I would suggest that you have his physician evaluate him and from there you can decide if he will need a follow up with a psychiatric nurse or physician. Seniors don’t always eat properly or take their medications as needed, which is why assisted living can solve a lot of problems in many cases.

Sometimes seniors get mean and obstinate. This could be the result of not feeling well or not adjusting to the many conditions of aging that can make life more difficult such as sight and hearing loss, and diminished mobility. Depression and loneliness can also play a role.

Your uncle certainly would be able to watch any TV show he desires in the privacy of his apartment here at The Bristal. I suggest you contact the community you are interest in and speak with the Community Relations Director. She can set up an appointment, do the assessment and give you all the options that are available at The Bristal.

Maryellen McKeon

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