Ibuprofen Protects Against Parkinson’s Disease

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For this entry, and the next, I’ve held off on answering your questions to pass along a couple of interesting tips I’ve recently come across. The benefit of doing all the reading I do is running into fabulous tidbits of information to help seniors and their loved ones make the most of their lives every day… and these quick notes help do just that. Here’s the first one. Look for another tip in a few days. Enjoy!

Ibuprofen Protects Against Parkinson’s Disease
In the March 2nd issue of “Neurology,” a doctor at the Harvard Medical School, Xiang Goa, M.D., has reported the findings of an interesting study. It was conducted among 98,892 female nurses and 37,305 male health professionals. After taking Ibuprofen two or more times a week for a period of six years, it turns out that these individuals demonstrated a 38% lower risk of developing the disease during that time. Very, very interesting. Of course, as for you, you’ve heard me say it before: Always consult with your physician before changing any medication patterns.

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