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Words of Appreciation from Residents and Families of The Bristal

The Bristal has helped numerous families make the choice for Assisted Living. And when they come, they realize The Bristal provides even more than they were looking for. Consider the kind words and expressions of joy collected for you below.

These are letters from actual residents and families of The Bristal, and you'll find them composed in their original form - unedited - just as they came to us. What better way to express our commitment than having you read firsthand what our residents and families so generously say about us? We encourage you to visit The Bristal personally, so you can see what life is like here for yourself.

We'd like to thank those families represented here for their kind expressions of gratitude, and for allowing us to post their thoughts in their own words.

Testimonial Video from Annette Greene

Posted by: The Bristal

Testimonial Video from Annette Greene

“I’m Annette Greene and I live here at The Bristal at West Babylon.

I lived in Florida for 19 years. But my husband was getting ill and I decided to come back here because my children live here. My husband passed away, I was too far from them, and I wanted to be closer. My children heard about this Bristal being built and she said, “would you like to take a look at it?” And I said “yes, I’m open to anything.”

I walked through the door. And as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it.

I have a lot of friends here. We play cards, we are entertained. Which wasn’t the fact when I was living alone. I was in the apartment by myself. I didn’t feel alone, but there were times when you couldn’t go out. I couldn’t do anything, but here even if I can’t go out, there’s always someone around.

And the people here are wonderful. In fact the first night, when I was here, I was so busy during the day that I went upstairs and I barely couldn’t call my daughter, ’cause I call her every night. I said “Lisa, I can’t talk to you honey, I’m just too tired!” In fact, I have one friend, very close, and she calls me party girl because I tell her, “if you call me, you have to call me after after 6 o’clock” because I go down in the morning and I don’t come to my apartment until 6:30.

Every morning at 10 o’clock, they have what they call chair exercises. We do that, and now a lady has come in and she does Tai Chi in the chair. So I take advantage of that too. But I do walk a lot around the building after breakfast, after lunch. I make it my business to walk a lot.

I couldn’t ask for anything more in life. God has blessed me. I’m thankful for everything. Aches pains and whatever I don’t care. I don’t have to worry about anything. I know that there’s always someone there that will take care of me. And it just means friends, love, and safety – I know it. I just love it!”

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Testimonial from Dawn

Posted by: The Bristal
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It’s been 4 days since Mom moved in:

The facility is gorgeous! Whenever I walk in the first word that comes to mind is “sunshine!”

Mom’s room, even though it’s the smallest, is clean and new and will work out great for her.

The food must be good because my mom isn’t complaining! I say this because it’s a night and day contrast to what she was experiencing in rehab. She needs to eat to regain her strength, so I am happy she is enjoying the meals.

The entire team at The Bristal Sayville made Mom feel welcome from Day 1, as did several residents- some of who live on the same floor as Mom- they promised me they would come by and they did- on the first day. Amazing! The residents all seem pretty happy and content, which gives me comfort too!

Mom is a level 6 care and so she still needs a lot of help to get her more independent. I am overly concerned and tend to call often, but the Wellness Team is patient/understanding and always happy to answer my questions.

I don’t know everyone who cares for mom but want to thank a few people already:

1. Leigh in maintenance- he has helped out with a few things since Mom moved in. Super kind and attentive.
2. Linda- she’s my go to RN, period!
3. Sarah- my other go to RN!
4. Geri- I once called her multiple times in a few hours and her response to me was the same: Bright, friendly and helpful. Thanks Geri!
5. Isaiah- dining room- he knows the residents by name and is super friendly and attentive. He knew mom’s name on day 1!
6. Rocco- front desk- mom had to go to the ER on Saturday night (May 12) and we didn’t get back to the Bristal till 4 AM on Sunday (Mother’s Day). I called Rocco and asked him if he could get mom’s wheelchair and bring it into the lobby. He may say he is just doing his job but to me, it was a reminder of the above and beyond attitude/commitment of everyone at The Bristal Sayville to their residents.

I know there will be other people to recognize but right now these are my standouts for the first few days.

While Mom has a very hard time with her recovery and multiple moves since her accident in February, I have hope that by God’s Grace and through The Bristal, mom will her get back to her old self. I saw a spark of light yesterday on Mother’s Day. She laughed more than she has in months. I pray positive changes continue for her.

Thanks again to you and The Bristal Sayville Family for making Mom feel so welcome. Take good care of her while I am in Colorado. She is my precious cargo!


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Testimonial from Resident Faith

Posted by: The Bristal
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May 12, 2018

Dear Maytha,

Our sincerest appreciation to you and the members of your staff for a most beautiful and memorable Mother and Daughter Tea on May 10, 2018. It was a lovely way to segue into our special day on Sunday.

The minute the guests and residents entered the lovely room they knew a special treat was in store for them. They were not wrong !

The servers were helpful and gracious. The food varied and delicious. Your poem was a most appropriate opening for the afternoon and it was very meaningful to all of us. The entertainment was low keyed, different but enjoyable. The paparazzi (photographer) was unexpected, but she was so charming who could refuse her! The result will be a great momento of a special “moment in time.” Everyone left in a good mood. Their reactions and comments were overwhelmingly favorable.

You have a small staff, but you all have a big impact on our daily lives here at The Bristal. Thank you!

Sincerely yours,
Faith Radler, pres.
Resident Council

Cc: Samantha

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Testimonial from John D. White

Posted by: The Bristal
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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

To the management and staff of The Bristal
129 Lakeland Avenue
Sayville, NY 11782

This is my second unsolicited letter of thanks to all of you who do such a great job. Twice a week I visited a friend (since 1962), Robert Barrett, who lived several months in Reflections 151. As stated before, I remain in awe of the kind, thoughtful support that you extended to my treasured friend – from the warm greeting by Geri and Pam in the reception desk when I signed in, until I left. Brian, Dan, Patrice, Andrew, and all the other staffers in Reflections made Robert’s time with you a true blessing. During his recent and rapid health decline, he was eager to leave the hospital or nursing home to return to his beloved Bristal. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the focused care Brian gave him, especially the many ways he gave spiritual support. Please convey my gratitude and best wishes to the caregivers in Reflections for the thoughtful attention you gave to my friend.

Your beautiful grounds and clean, attractive interior décor are first-class. I am impressed by the thoughtful selection of music one hears in the corridors and meeting rooms. The mental and physical activities for the residents keep their minds and spirits active.

Each time I stepped into Reflections, I could be sure the first person I encountered would know Robert and where he was; most of all, I sensed that he or she truly cared about his happiness and health. When consultant Dan Monahan suggested moving Robert to The Bristal, I trusted him but had no idea what a lovely place Robert would be moving to. Please feel free to pass along my recommendation to the staff and anyone else who would benefit.


John D. White

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Testimonial from Lisa

Posted by: The Bristal

To the staff of The Bristal,

Thank you for welcoming my parents and making the transition go so smoothly. I had arrived ahead of them to get the apartment set up. Starting with Paul and Edward

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at the front desk who were so friendly and helpful, to Margie and Noria from the health center. The ladies from the activity center made more than one trip to the apartment to welcome them! ([While] they were delayed at Dr. appointments)

*A special thanks to Simeon who went above and beyond to get their TV up and running and in the right spot! He was a charm!! Nothing was a problem for him.

Of course, Sarah was making sure that everything ran smoothly – and Jennifer over the past weeks has helped tremendously. Let me not forget Chris who came to meet them and explain how the housekeeping department works.

I’m sure there were other people who assisted throughout the day.

I feel everyone was helping from the heart – not just because it is part of the job.

Thanks –

Lisa (Edith and Peter)

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Testimonial from Rose Polis

Posted by: The Bristal

March 9, 2018

Dear Dina:

It has been a pleasure for our mom to be a resident at The Bristal over the last 2 years. She is making her transition as well as can be expected, now, in a nursing home.

I wanted to acknowledge the wonderful staff at Reflections, from her most wonderful aides, who treated her with kindness and respect, to the nursing staff, housekeeping, maintenance staff and reception. My sister and I are most grateful for all their care and concern.

There is one particular person, who, throughout these 2 years has been an ever present source of help and concern. She never missed a beat in handling our concerns and always was so pleasant and happy to be of service. We would like to thank NOVA for all she did to make us feel that we had someone who knew how we felt and made sure things went smoothly. Nova is a wonderful asset to The Bristal.

My sister and I thank you all.

Rose Polis

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Testimonial from Cynthia DePaula

Posted by: The Bristal
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February 24, 2018

Mr. George Solano
The Bristal Holtsville
5535 Expressway Drive No.
Holtsville, NY 11742

Dear George,

On behalf of Enid Roth, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful care she received at your facility. From the very beginning when Stephanie made more happen in the last four hours on a Friday afternoon than most people get done in a week, we were able to get Enid registered and checked in in less than 24 hours.

Everyone in the memory ward was amazing. Lindsay and Tammy were always there for Enid and I was continuously aware of how much they loved her. Shauna and Sharon always so caring and kind; Joanne, Jennifer and the entire staff were so professional and uplifting. My family and I will forever remember them.

Thank you as well for running such a beautiful and caring facility.

All my best,
Cynthia DePaula

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Testimonial from Joyce Mandato

Posted by: The Bristal
Testimonial of Joyce Mandato, Review of the Bristal

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From: Joyce Mandato
Sent: Friday, January 05, 2018 12:11 PM
To: Denise Milligan
Subject: Review of the Bristal

My husband has been a resident at Reflections for a few months now. Already his mobility has improved thanks to PT and OT sessions; he is stimulated by all the activities, is more engaged and no longer sleeps all day. His quality of life has improved.

The Bristal @ Sayville is not only beautiful and immaculate, but it provides a caring, professional atmosphere. The directors, medical team, front desk, care aides, recreation staff as well as the kitchen, laundry and housekeeping departments work well together to create this excellent facility. They are always available to answer questions and provide support to the family when needed.

The staff is well trained in the care of the dementia patient, and that care is done with compassion, hugs and kisses. It feels like a big “family”.

I am happy for the dignity that is shown my husband and secure that he is in a very good place.

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Testimonial from John Cavallo

Posted by: The Bristal
Testimonial from John F. Cavallo

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Date: September 28, 2017 at 2:41:31 PM EDT
To: Maryellen McKeon
Subject: Holtsville location

Dear Maryellen and Bonnie,

How are you? Hope all is well.

My dad recently moved in and seems very comfortable and satisfied with everything at the property. He tells me the staff is always smiling, accommodating and willing to please. I can’t tell you how relieved we feel and look forward to the future and many more good years. I must say you have a first class operation with every detail covered. I have and always will recommend your properties to my friends, family and business clients.

Thank you again for everything.

John F. Cavallo

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Testimonial from Louis

Posted by: The Bristal
testimonial from Louis

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Sent: Friday, July 14, 2017 2:51 PM
To: Susan Mucci
Subject: Thank you

Hi Susan,
Just wanted to express my appreciation for all you have done and are doing for my mother. She is acclimating well in fact better than expected!!! Her table mates are great. She also is enjoying her meals.
So far so good!!!

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