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Dear Readers,

For this brief entry I’ve put off answering questions once again to get out some great information I’ve just come across. It addresses one of the most popular topics that are frequently tackled by this blog: the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

What I love most about what I’m about to share with you is the sheer simplicity of it. Many times we disengage with information that is for our own good, simply because we find it too complex, it requires too much time and effort to investigate, or it demands too much of us to apply it to our daily lives. But researchers at UC San Francisco and the San Francisco VA Medical Center have done all the hard work for us, and they are now offering a simplified strategy for avoiding Alzheimer’s disease, which studies now show affects over 35 million people worldwide, 6 million alone in the United States. By 2050, these figures are expected to triple. Triple!

What can we, as Americans, do for ourselves and our loved ones to help prevent or slow down this devastating disease? Well, according to the study, we need to better control, or avoid altogether, the following chronic conditions, which represent the seven greatest risk factors for developing Alzheimer’s disease. These are:

1) Lack of Exercise
2) Depression
3) Smoking
4) Hypertension (high blood pressure)
5) Obesity
6) Low Education
7) Diabetes

And there you have it; in a nutshell. Seven steps. Seven strategies. Seven weapons we can use to fight this awful disease. We need to make it nothing short of a life priority to modify any behavior that leads to increasing these risks in our lives.

While researchers caution that the exact cause of the disease or a precise treatment for it have not yet been found, the study’s authors have concluded that, according to these summarized findings, “when you change these risk factors, you change the risk.” And that’s something for us all to think about… and do!

Maryellen McKeon


Source: LA Times Online; July 20, 2011

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