Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials

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Clincal Trials for Alzheimer's Disease

News With Alzheimer’s Disease

Dear Maryellen,

I was reading the newspaper this past weekend and came across an article about a new drug targeting the Tau protein which causes Alzheimer’s. It seems exciting that there could be a possible cure to this disease, which unfortunately, my mother is in the early stages of. Do you know of any clinical trial you recommend to try? Will The Bristal be getting involved in any of these?   -Michelle

Dear Michelle,

It is always encouraging to read about the research being done with so many seniors worried about Alzheimer’s.  As our population ages the number of  people with Alzheimer’s increases.

It is said that after 85 years of age one in every two people will have Alzheimer’s disease. Having said that the reality is that one person will have the disease and the other will be the care taker. Sad but true.

The NIA/NIH is sponsoring clinical trials. Columbia University has an active clinical trial center so you may want to contact them.

Maryellen McKeon

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