A Special Thanks to Westbury from The Alzheimer’s Association

Posted by: The Bristal

This past week, Karen Blank from the Alzheimer’s Association joined us in Westbury for a special party dedicated to the staff. Karen was there to give a special thanks to the team for their wonderful efforts to raise both funds and awareness for the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. The Westbury team, led by Reflections Coordinator Colleen Jones, raised over half of the total funds that were donated to the Alzheimer’s Association by The Bristal this year. A plaque was awarded to Colleen for her leadership. She organized a car wash, a mini-walk and various other fundraising events throughout the fall as a part of their efforts. Maintenance Director Al Sposito and Dining Room Manager Robert Borgwald also received special plaques, as they raised over $1,200.00 each! The entire staff was rewarded by being treated to breakfast, pizza and special desserts as a part of the celebration. We want to thank all of our teams, especially Westbury, for their dedication and their efforts.

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